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The best interior designer in Africa  Katrina Antonovich,  offers unique of its beauty solutions in  different styles.  

And the style of Art Deco is on a wave of popularity. This style often chose clients of Luxury Antonovich design studio from Africa. In the interior design does not exist styles which are not relevant, and some of them organically  coexist with futuristic high-tech living  room, bedroom or house, decorated in Art Deco styleIf do you choose the most representative and glamorous version of the interior ,characterized by restraint and modern functionality, your choice will fall  certainly to an Art Deco style .

The peak of the popularity of this trend took place in France and the United States in the years 1920-30, but he still remains one of the most popular and influential directions of interior. People always wanted to have celebrations, which was embodied in the new, emphasized by luxury, style, got its name in honor of the last in 1925 in Paris exhibition of decorative art. The main emblem and symbol of Art Deco became the rising sun, whose stylized motif is easy to find in the pieces of furniture, ornaments and decor. Love to Oriental and Egyptian motifs, reflects   the best interior designer in Africa Katrina Antonovich, giving to this direction touch of mystery and exotic character. Rare wood and leather, which are widely used in the decoration of furniture is also contribute to the creation of such an atmosphere. It is also widely used in the interior: aluminum, steel, brass, precious wood   different variants of inlays, enamels, stained glass and other expensive materials.

Typical colors for the interiors of the Art Deco - a combination of black or dark brown with a milky-white, as well as gold or steel elements. You can choose saturated colors of purple, violet or dark blue If you wish to emphasize color accents. No less characteristic feature of the style became stylized ornaments, built on a combination of geometric shapes, zigzag lines and chevrons, images sunlight, circles and squares with rounded corners. You can also meet a floral motifs, tending to exotic plants and ancient Egyptian motifs. Stepped and pyramidal shapes, contrasting black and white colors of piano keys, and faceted crystal forms are commonly used, in the form of interior accessories, as well as in patterns on fabric or wallpaper.

Furniture made of natural wood offers the comfort and elegance of shape, as accessories can be used lamps, mirror frames, reminiscent of the sun's rays, animal figurines. Art Deco - a functional style, in which organically combined luxury with comfort, and fit well with a variety of technical devices and equipment, which is why its modern variations seems to not replicas of past eras, but relevant and fashionable solutions.

This style is not suitable for a small budget or intentionally modest interior and will require some monetary investment. On the other hand, it is the best way to cope with the task of a creating  representation and   impression on guests and visitors. If you need to create a stylish and modern design of a study cabinet or design   of glamorous living room or bathroom - art deco is what you need.

The best interior designer in Africa Katrina Antonovich,  offers  maximum comfort to  customers. All items of furniture and decor will be delivered to the site. Your interior will be a source of pride. And all design decisions will be   perfectly fulfilled.

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