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Pool Design - is the first step towards the realization of your dreams.It's so great to have a bit of "a sea", where you can swim at any time of the year. But in order to the swimming pool interior was properly implemented, you must remember one important detail.
The interior of a swimming pool - it's not just a nice resort design, but also a complex engineering structure, quality and functionality of which is laid at the stage of the design project.The basis for the comfortable and safe exploitation of swimming pool are well-designed engineering systems.  Where properly build technical premises? How to add to a swimming pool design numerous ventilation grilles, diffusers, hatches, and other technical elements? How to coordinate all section of the project, work of engineers in accordance with the design of the project? The answers to these difficult questions know only a professional architects and designers. Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design professionally engaged in the development of swimming pools design. Our experienced architects and designers have designed and implemented 8 projects of pools of various types.
Luxury swimming pool could be built in the house or outdoor.When constructing a high-end pool in the house, it is better to design and build it together with the house, in order not to break the durability and load-bearing capacity of the foundation and walls of the building, with the later construction of the pool. Construction of an elite pool simultaneously with the house, expanding the range of house plan design solutions in variety shapes of the pool, its decoration, and allow the pool blends into the interior of the house and become its highlight. Luxury pool in the yard can be not only a great and beautiful water pond for swimming but also be an element of landscape design. Elite Pool can be decorated like a natural pond or lagoon with a waterfall and beach.Landscape luxury pool can have a cascading waterfall, a rock or a waterfall with a grotto. Elite Pool, can be equipped with not only the necessary technological equipment but also with additional water attractions: opposite flow, hydro massage, a bottom geyser or water mushroom. An important role in the design of high-end pool has illumination. Because of the angle from which beam of a spotlight will be directed, colors of the rainbow on splashing water depends on.
If we consider an elite pool from the technical point, it is undoubtedly a concrete bowl. Bowl made of reinforced concrete can be made any size and shape.Swimming pool made of a concrete bowl is more secure and durable.Only the swimming pool made of reinforced concrete bowl, it is possible in the future to decorate it by ceramic tiles and glass tiles. Large assortment of mosaics and tiles, a variety of hues of color palette, the possibility of placing a decorative panel, a variety of decorative tiles, allow the designer to untie his hands and make a reality even the most intricate designs and the most bizarre fantasies of customers. Of course, it is not only the most beautiful but also the most expensive kind of finishing, but your luxury pool is worth it. By type of filtration system device the water from the pool, a luxury pool is definitely overflow type.And the reason for this is not only that the overflow water intake system is suitable for the pool any geometric shape and is more efficient.The main advantage of an overflow type pool - is its beauty. Overflow swimming pool visually more beautiful and spectacular, thanks to the mirror of water which is located flush with the edge of a pool.
House design plans and construction of luxury pool can be trusted only to professionals, with years of experience and a good reputation. Interior design companies in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design Company for more than 16 years, provides services for the design and construction of swimming pools worldwide.  Our specialists have developed and have realized hundreds of projects of luxury swimming pools, and each of them was unique. When drafting the elite pool, designers interior design companies Dubai and designers will consider all your wishes and will implement all your fantasies. To make sure your swimming pool become an elite diamond in an expensive frame in your elite dream house plans.

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