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If you've ever wanted to get into a fairy tale "1001 Nights", the Moroccan style gives you this opportunity. Incredibly beautiful, fabulous, bright and distinctive - it is possible to pick up a lot of epithets.Moroccan style came to us from the East, so, you can not confuse it with anything else, it has its own very special features: colorful patterns, bright colors, lots of silk and chiffon, mosaics, lancet forms windows, the abundance of decorations, high ceilings and a lot of a  sun.

An important feature of the Moroccan style is also some originality of furniture and interior items, often handicraft, a lot of things makes an impression as if they had just been bought at the nearest market, or you are only just finished making them.Although this is only an illusion, because in the Moroccan style is especially sought after antiques, passed through the centuries.

The colors in Moroccan style

Since Morocco is in Africa, the sunniest continent of the world, so colors of Moroccan style is very similar to the colors of the sun and the desert: a lot of gold, yellow, orange, red, ocher color and terracotta, brown, also frequently used traditional favorite Arab colors - blue, purple and pink. Also, in Moroccan style is very popular white color in large quantities - completely white walls or floors, or a large amount of it in mosaics, and ornaments on the fabrics.

Finishing of walls, floor, and ceiling

Even at the stage of planning of the premises where design in Moroccan style will be, is solved, which form of windows and doorways will be.Often, it is traditional for Morocco - they repeat the shape of the dome of the mosque, which is ogival or arched forms. Further, we'll mention this a feature, as this form will be traced in many design elements.
Finishing occupies a very important place in the Moroccan interior design, you can even say that this is the most important.Since there is an opportunity to embody and show all the features of this style - a mosaic on the floor and on the walls, astounding in its complexity and richness of ornamentation, frescoes,  with the same ornaments which are difficult to repeat, floor made of natural stone or small tiles.
You can use all your imagination, since the Moroccan style - is a mix of East and West, so there may be many things: a complex pattern of the tiles on the floor, on top of it bright silk carpet, walls plastered, and incredibly beautiful ceiling with paintings and mosaics. Decorating of such premises resemble the palaces of sheiks, and princes. The decor in the Moroccan style takes a special place because the general mood in the interior is defined by the decor of walls and ceiling, as well as a variety of small items in the interior: lamps, lamps, mirrors, vases, dishes, figurines, trays, paintings, pillows, chests and boxes.  All items are decorated with bright paintings of glazes or mosaics, many exquisite carvings with splendid ornaments.
All items in the Moroccan style is very lavishly decorated, inlaid with colored glass or mirror. Fabrics for such the interior a very bright, colorful, natural, all colors of the rainbow - the more colorful, the better.The Moroccan style is used a lot of volumetric draperies: canopies over the bed, thin chiffon tulle on the windows, blankets, and coverlets. It used a lot of openwork forging for furniture and lamps. We would like to say few words about lamps - in the Moroccan interior, there are a lot of them, moreover, basically - they are made of transparent colored glass, they are usually hanging on walls or placed on tables and pedestals.

Moroccan style in the interior

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