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Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design has been designing exclusive design of luxury interior premises and buildings of any type or complexity, as well as the appropriate adaptation of existing projects and facilities.  Thus, from our point of view, modern villa design - it is not just the designing of regular innovative creative solutions based on a standard set of materials, geometric shapes and elements of the interior.

This exclusive design villa plan - this is only an individual, unique design, made specifically for the future owner  of the  of real estate in Abu Dhabi.

The philosophy of our company is in a unique approach to the villa design.Our clients get the most comfortable conditions for the creation of new housing. From designer's masterpiece solutions, to creating a family logo and  filling the home with everything you need.  Thus, our primary goal is to create an exclusive, luxurious, harmonious, and one of a kind interior in any style and direction of design for all types of premises and buildings, as well as with any cultural, national and ethnic accent.
Without false modesty - we know about interior design, almost all - in fact, everything in this kind of contemporary art  can know only a professional, and founder of the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio - Katrina Antonovich has a unique talent to foresee future fashion trends in the interior design.

As a result, a collection of villa design plan from design studio elite interiors Luxury Antonovich Design, made in the over two decades, today has hundreds of works related to almost all areas of the fashion architecture, and of construction.

It is not only  quite common facilities as houses, offices, restaurants, shops, beauty salons and exclusive landscapes and landscaping projects but also variants for the buildings facades  restoration , projects of modern villa design, as well as the revolutionary developments in the "techno" style, "hi -Tek "and" art Deco ". For each project, we develop a "know-how" in the field of  fashion interior decoration.
The main area of focus of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design - is the villa design. We understand that quality of work does not end only in the  project design. The long-term practice allowed to collect an extensive database of high-performers, construction crews, and contractors, which allows   confidently recommend to customers appropriate masters, depending on the characteristics of a particular construction site.As for the furniture, decorative items, building materials and other essential components of the elite interiors, the Luxury Antonovich Design cooperates with leading Italian furniture factories, and individual workshops, performing custom-made furniture.

Geography of our activity includes countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, as well as African countries.

Our cooperation with customers, as a rule, does not end after the first successful project - we are for the development of long-term relationships, and our concept of activity is always aimed at monitoring exploitation of and maintaining continuous communication with the owners of already completed works.

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