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This is how a paradise for sweet dreams and a pleasant relax should look like. The designers of Luxury Antonovich Design created a beautiful master bedroom interior.

This bedroom on the second floor of a villa in Dubai has become a continuation of the laconic interior design concept in a classic style. The design solutions exceeded all expectations of the customers. The customers are people who have good taste and the fine understanding of beauty; they travel a lot and tend to get the best of everything. WKeeping this in mind, the interior became a reflection of respectability and gentility. Noble materials, spectacular décor and works of art are combined into a coherent picture of luxury.

In the floor decor, you can see the bleached oak parquet with a Persian rug. The spacious master bedroom is divided into two zones. To make this point clearer and more expressive the designers used the ceiling decor. So the boundaries of each zone are determined by niches in the ceiling, in the centre of which you can see the elegant crystal chandeliers, which perfectly illuminate the master bedroom.

The master bedroom interior is full of romantic and festive atmosphere. Additional illumination in the walls decoration saturated the interior with a pleasant shimmer and glow.

Master Bedroom Design

The floors made of bleached wood, a variety of carved wood with gold, contrasting finishing elements, elegant furniture and luxurious decor make the master bedroom interior absolutely gorgeous. Slightly rounded walls of muted grey shade emphasized the pictures.

Master Bedroom Design

The soft colour palette became the basis for a cozy mood. What's more, the magnificent image has been achieved through the mixing materials and textures, i.e., from the matt shimmering surface of brass and vintage mirror finishes to bleached wood and delicate combination of blue and grey shades.

Master Bedroom Design

The interior designers chose carefully all the elements so that the Master Bedroom corresponded to the high status of the luxury interior.

Master Bedroom Design


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