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Luxury villas interiors in the UAE by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio invariably include Arabic Majlis Interior Design. Beautiful cultural traditions of the East are associated with hospitality and cordiality. And spacious majlis in this project perfectly reflects the hospitality of the villa owners. There you are always welcome and the owners are ready to offer the best. Majlis interior design reflects a combination of classical and oriental styles.

This beautiful picture is composed of the following points.

  • Curtains design;
  • Luxury furniture;
  • Carved marble floors;
  • The decor of the walls and ceiling;

Curtains design

Curtains in majlis interior design become one of the most striking accents. Curtains design is closely related to the configuration of windows and perfectly corresponds to the classical tradition. Luxurious silk soft folds fall on the marble floors. The color palette of decoration perfectly harmonizes with the soft furniture. The silk curtains of malachite hue with golden embroidery threads are predominant in curtains. Translucent creamy tulle with delicate lace patterns makes windows decoration completed.

Luxury furniture

In the majlis interior designing furniture plays an important role. Indeed, in this room home owners and their guests should comfortably accommodate . Lots of soft sofas are inlaid with handmade carved decoration. On the background of a silvery silk upholstery, velvet cushions of emerald hue look delightfully. To make this picture more expressive and flawless, the interior designers offered coffee tables with carved legs with malachite tops. This accent very clearly underlines the wealth and respectability of the house.

Carved marble floors

One of the highlights in the modern majlis interior designing is the floor decor. In this project, we offered luxurious carved flooring of natural marble. Oriental ornaments with fanciful swirls are now possible to create, thanks to new technologies of stone cutting. This floor is comparable to the work of art. And our professionals create perfect floors that will surprise your guests.

The decor of the walls and ceiling

To highlight the bright accents such as curtains, furniture, flooring, the interior designers offered more restrained decor on the walls and ceiling. Decorative creamy  plaster is completed with exquisite pilasters and stucco decoration with gilt accents. All these elegant images play light and shade under the massive crystal chandeliers and other lighting lamps.

Majlis interior ideas by Katrina Antonovich

Arabic Majlis Interior Design

Arabic Majlis Interior Design

Arabic Majlis Interior Design

Arabic Majlis Interior Design


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