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Everything changes in this world, time does not stand still. And for interior design invented many options. But the classic remains unchanged. Classic style will always be the most popular and inimitable. Of course, every style is beautiful in its own way, but the classics - it is always a comfort, elegance, and luxury. But do not a luxury, which catches the eye and looks pretentious but easy, unobtrusive and noble, emphasizing the status of the hosts.

Majlis Interior design in Abu Dhabi 

Classic style - this strictness in its manifestation of chic. Fundamental are regular geometric shapes, the perfection of a variety of patterns, natural materials, and colors. And for all this splendor is perfectly suited majlis. It is in the majlis often enough place for all the necessary elements and decor.
All luxury furniture Abu Dhabi of massive light or dark wood with gilding and carving. It differs by curved backs and wide armrests. Necessarily used padding made of natural fabrics, such as velvet, velvet, tapestry and other naturally occurring fabric decorated with elegant patterns. Ceiling decoration is always a complex and beautiful, it could be stucco, friezes, and paintings. The windows should be necessarily the curtains of the same natural fabrics, adorned with tassels or fringes. If the room is spacious enough, it could be decorated by the columns and half-columns that will create the atmosphere of a truly majestic the palace eras.

The magnificence of majlis designs Abu Dhabi in classic style:

  • classic style is immutable, universal, is always relevant, and not being exposed to criticism;
  • majestic classic makes a strong impression on the guests;
  • classics emphasizes wealth and good taste of the hosts;
  • classic in its present form is very versatile: originality and comfort at the same time.

Luxury Majlis in Abu Dhabi in the classic style of Luxury Antonovich Design is harmony, symmetry, and only natural and high-quality materials. This applies to everything: finishing materials, furniture, color palette, decorations, and accessories.  Making Luxury Majlis is important to remember that this style of decor although it rich, but does not like congestions. Too many details, accessories would be inappropriate. Here everything must be solid and respectable, every detail, even the smallest is chosen carefully, because it is the little things make the overall picture.
In addition to wood, walls can have other finishes. The main emphasis  on the quality and texture rather than bright color. Another option might be the walls decor with self-colored expensive paints of pastel colors. There are already used moldings and other bulky items.

And, of course, the most appropriate coating for flooring  is considered marble in all its classical forms, namely: designs, patterns, and hues of natural stone.  For Luxury Majlis in Abu Dhabi in classic style в плане декора потолка прекрасно подойдет лепной декор. And the most common way to achieve this goal -  a stucco molding.

The lighting in the living room should be a multi-level: and ample, and soft and muted. In the center is always convoluted chandelier, and for the effect of multiple levels to the main chandelier  added floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps and so on. Some people consider riding refinement additional lighting of paintings on the walls.

Harmony and Grace - the basic features of interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design

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