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Exclusive curtains - it's like a drop of expensive perfume, unique odor, luxuriously decorated home, they always emphasize the status of the owner. Exclusive curtains are always changing the inner space of the interior. Perfectly matched, and qualitative stitched curtains provide the interior with perfection, give a sense of completeness, of comfort, will merge with new finishes and furnishings and will give a magical aura. Curtains selection. Exclusive ideas always play the role of some accents. After all, drapes could radically change feelings in such a room - will add warmth and "highlight" to the new interior, beautify and rejuvenate the interior with antique furniture. Exclusive curtains - it's a work of art, they always decorated with ornamental accessories, fringes, beads, sequins. Huge selection of rhinestones motifs is available in our studio. Designers Luxury Antonovich Design will make your interior a memorable one for you and your guests.

Curtains Luxury Antonovich Design - your home comfort

Every home should be cozy, full of harmony and happiness. To get closer to this ideal, you need to decorate a house, in such way, that would you always wanted return to that place. In this case, curtains, pleasing to the eye, - one of the most important components of the interior. What for to buy curtains? To create the desired atmosphere in the room, hide possible defects of walls and windows, and finally, a room does not look empty, and unfinished.No need to look for ideas, fabric stores, seamstresses, and other skilled workers, because you can order curtains from us. Luxury Antonovich Design Studio has many advantages in comparison to similar studios or just curtains salons: for example, own sewing workshop, a showroom in Dubai center, the design team with the experience.

We also offer:

• Exclusive design elite curtains;
• European fabrics of a high-class;
• A wide range of luxury accessories for curtains decoration;
• Art paintings of fabrics;
• High level of service;
• Quick order of curtains to save your time

Luxury Antonovich Design works with private clients and public organizations worldwide. All for your convenience: the curtains to order in Dubai on the website or in our studio to help demanding clients realize their own ideas of the perfect cozy home. You can even now make an order and to be confident in the quality of its execution.

Luxury Antonovich Design - Design and sewing of luxury curtains

Our designers - are experienced professionals, artists, and designers on textiles with higher artistic education.

  • catalog of styles for curtains
  • portfolio of our projects
  • custom made curtains
  • wall hangings
  • blankets
  • interior details

They will help you to clearly see how it will look the final result, will find for you the best solution. We are able to understand what the customer wants, and our art-designers lead each project from sketch to real implementation (See samples of the above: at the left sketches, at the right photos of completed projects).

  • We sew curtains of the highest quality. Our sewing technology is improving daily.
  • We will make the interior design, including the design and sewing curtains, cornices, upholstery of walls, ceiling drapery, bedspreads, pillows, сovers for furniture, wallpaper, carpets, deckchairs, lamps, tablecloths.
  • We will meet the contractual deadlines. Own production and long-term relations with domestic and foreign suppliers allow us to guarantee timely execution of all the works in accordance with the terms of the contract.
  • We appreciate customers who love delights. They taught us a lot and in the end, they are all satisfied with our work.
  • We put our hearts into every project. We believe that if you do business, you need to get not only profits but also enjoy their work. Take a look at examples of design projects executed by us and see it for yourself.
  • We solve the issues from which many others refuse to. While working on a specific project, we are available to discuss all issues around the clock.




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