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Interior Design - is one of the main directions of Luxury Antonovich Design company in Saudi Arabia.Luxury Antonovich Design - Studio with a non-trivial approach to design, for us each customer is special. We are engaged in the architectural interior design, sketch architectural design. We are able to anticipate the preferences of the customer, offering new architectural and design solutions that will never become obsolete. Through creative and original designer's approach, the interior of the apartment, home, restaurant or office can be turned into something special, endowed with personality and originality. After all the interior, in fact - it is not only a space in which  a person lives, it's also the atmosphere that can adapt to the mood and thoughts of the house owner. Our professional approach and the many suggestions will impress even the most demanding customer.

Interior Design in Saudi Arabia describes a group of various yet related projects that transform the interior space in a variety of areas of effective human activity that takes place within the interior.

Interior Designer in Saudi Arabia is the one who coordinates and manages such projects.Interior design is a versatile profession that gives the conceptual development of the idea, and the project embodiment and manages the performance of the design process.  Starting the implementation of the next design - project, we, first of all, trying to look into "tomorrow architectural fashion" in order to "tomorrow" made the design project of premises does not look "yesterday."Therefore, we are closely linked with the  materials manufacturers and  interior, and architectural style trendsetters. This helps us to create design solutions that will be relevant for a long time.Our team consists of only real experts in their field and just talented people who will carry out an interior design based on the most accurate engineering calculations, ergonomics and detailed study of the smallest elements of the interior. Our design projects all without exception, apartments and houses of any style - loft or hi-tech, classic or modern - allow to residential premises always remain beautiful and stylish, but also provide comfort and coziness in the house.

We are pleased to realize that our company Luxury Antonovich Design in Saudi Arabia is in the forefront, so we value our name and what we do.

You can find details on our website with  implemented and conceptual projects, as well as to get acquainted with modern trends and major trends in interior design.  For us, the implementation of each project, something more than just a job. We create  on the paper a certain process, that will be implemented by builders. For each of our customers, we find an individual approach and special attitude. For us, it is very important that the customer remains satisfied, and from the construction and installation team was  minimum questions on projects.  We create a work process in such a way as to minimize the dates of performance and keep the quality of project documentation.  Of course, no limit to perfection, but we are committed to this.  Our partners and customers, with whom we have already established long-term relationships  will confirm this.
We perform projects of any complexity. Working with us, you can be sure that you will get a quality product, regardless of the timing and circumstances. We design for all regions of Saudi Arabia.For us will not be difficult to perform measurements in premises anywhere in the country. We will be happy to take on the challenges regarding the design, planning, and coordination. It is in our interest and our competence. We will constantly improve in these areas because we know exactly what  is right.

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