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In this article, we want to tell in detail about the villa project in the countryside, particularly, landscaping and a building exterior design. A start of each project is a careful observation of a construction site, study of landscape features, site measurements, photographing. And most importantly, we listen carefully to all wishes of a customer in order to offer perfect and exclusive options. Quite a large area allowed to offer the most comfortable and luxurious solutions in the landscape design.

The structure of this particular project included such elements of landscape design as:

  • Fountains
  • Gazebos
  • Artificial ponds
  • Children playground
  • Parking area
  • Flower beds
  • Green areas (juniper, boxwood, broad-leaved trees, grass covers)
  • Street lighting
  • Paths made of marble tiles

In addition to the project, we develop a dendron plan, where we mark all plants that are planned to be planted around a house. To dendroplan we will attach a statement of plants range, indicating the number, their images and maintenance instructions. In work, we consider compatibility options of visual and biological characteristics.

The main entrance to a house should have some deep sense. This part of the exterior is important, as it creates  the first impression. In this project, the entrance portal is decorated with a double staircase, which is made of natural marble, and an outdoor terrace with classical columns. We develop precise measurement drawings of each building element before construction.

To balance the composition of the building and create absolute comfort, we have proposed a similar terrace on the other side of the building, using the same architectural elements and materials.

One of the most luxurious villa elements is a forged gate. We work individually with this element, and as a result, our customers receive several sketches of it. And after the approval of sketches, we create a detailed drawing, which shows all the elements of the house project. The forged gate is decorated with arched portal , stucco, half-columns and stained glass inserts. This noble image tells about the nobility and respectability of the homeowners. After drawings completion, our specialists start to manufacture all elements.

The project takes 30 to 40 working days. Landscape design by Luxury Antonovich Design is a high-tech and  creative process. We accurately perform all tasks, including planning, zoning and the provision of all necessary drawings for the start of construction. A perfect implementation of each project is based on a detailed study of each element with an accurate dimensioning, list of materials and layouts.

We are ready to perform work of any complexity accurately, efficiently and on time.








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