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Landscaping companies in riyadh Luxury Antonovich Design - a team of professionals working to achieve one goal: equipping a comfortable and cozy, stylish and modern - a green space.To create a beautiful and original landscape design plans around the house, we use the knowledge and experience in various fields: architecture, engineering, biology, horticulture and others. Greening of a territory - it's not just planting a variety of plants. Landscape engineer calculate the algorithm of planting single plants or groups, selecting locations at the plot which are optimal according to all biological parameters. Professionally made landscape architecture of a country house or a small suburban plot, could drastically transform the area, giving to you flowering and fragrant the embodiment of your dreams.

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If you want to order the house landscape design, safely address in the Landscaping company UAE Luxury Antonovich Design.Qualitatively completed projects, qualified comprehensive care for plants, the reorganization of adjacent territory - we are capable for an embodiment of any creative tasks, considering the wishes of customers.

Cooperation with landscaping companies in Saudi Arabia is as follows:

  • Contacting the manager, you tell your wishes: a modern landscape design that you want, an approximate scope of works and amount of services, the planned budget.
  • The Site visit by expert ( for scoping of amount works, what should be done ) is mandatory: it is not only as accurately carry out the necessary measurements and calculations, but also professionally evaluate all the parameters of the territory: the state and type of soil, the relief, the degree of illumination in different zones, and others.
  • In the next step, we are developing a project, that after agreeing to the smallest the details with the customer (including cost), will be implemented by our experts.
  • Landscape design begins with the purchase and delivery of necessary materials.
  • Thanks to the solid experience in performing of greening works, established and lasting cooperation with major suppliers, we are able to offer plants, outdoor decorative items at affordable and reasonable price for customers.
  • The last step - it is the just embodiment of jointly developed (our company and the customer) the project.

Landscaping design house. Contacting the company, and starting to create the landscaping project is so easy and convenient: it is enough to leave a request on the website (on-line) or call managers by phone.At a convenient time for you, will arrive our employee and, after verification of all the details, work on the project will begin.

Of the plot or garden landscaping - it's not just beautifully planted plants, but also a whole range of preparatory activities:

  • the territory leveling may be needed;
  • cleaning of the territory (including weeds), i.e. make space for decorative plants and compositions;
  • landscaping the site includes carrying out drainage works;
  • for flower beds and compositions is necessary to prepare a special foundation to build communications for automatic watering and lighting systems;
  • of the area in front of the house equipping: the walkways are laid; formed a place for entry and parking.
  • Only after all of these procedures and manipulations you can start planting the plants to form green compositions,  flower beds, and flower-garden.

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