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Kitchen design Dubai - one of the most important places in the house where the whole family gets together. Here we spend much of our life, and therefore kitchen design should be easy to use, multi-functional, fit the style of the house and respond to the needs of the whole family. The existing kitchen interior styles.

Classic style kitchen

Classics never goes out of fashion and this is the main advantage of this style. Whatever is currently on the top of fashion, classic style open kitchen design - timeless! Also classic is reliable because such things are made of quality materials and functionality since it is necessary to think over it so that it should serve for centuries. Kitchen furniture is made mainly of wood, preferably hardwood such as oak, ash, maple, hornbeam, beech, as the kitchen - a place where highest functional load among all of the functionality of the interior. Nowadays, there are many materials that are perfectly suitable for kitchen design photos in a classic style. The color scheme gravitates to the classic beige and brown shades, and materials - wood. It is also possible to create an interior in black color, using dark wood. Furniture upholstery and textiles are chosen to match the furniture, in the same color or with understated pattern. It is best to choose a classic interior of the kitchen designer Dubai for the spacious rooms. If you want to implement classical style interior in a small kitchen, you will have to give preference to the forms without an abundance of decoration, carvings, massive cornices, historical elements. So you can in your small kitchen to save maximum space. In addition, you should prefer bright shades, niches, ground glass. On the bright kitchen, even an abundance of decor does not compress space.

Kitchen design in hi-tech style

Hi-tech - a modern metropolis style is very different from country style or classics and above all an abundance of glass and metal. The main attribute in the design of high-tech is the home appliances of the latest models. It is - the very embodiment of this style. Appliances are emphasized and placed the most functional way, the furniture like as an addition to household appliances, its straight clean lines serve a common goal - functionality. Because of the annual production of more and more new and improved models of home appliances, high-tech style is strongly influenced by fashion, it is one of the most variable styles that require considerable financial investment. Color solution of a kitchen cabinet design in the style of hi-tech has clear rules - must be present dominant bright color (red, blue, yellow, green) and contrast to it neutral (gray, steel, black, white, gold). Red and gray - one of the characteristic color schemes kitchen hi-tech.

Kitchen in the style of Provence

Provence style in recent years deservedly gaining popularity because its interior combines the best- ergonomic and compact, which is important for small kitchen drawers. The design in the style of Provence gives sophistication and elegance, these kitchens are best in creation an atmosphere of harmony and comfort. The characteristic features of the style are the bright colors, the refined light furniture and floors, floral patterns, plant abundance, weightless curtains, large windows in delicate frames, porcelain tableware and decor. Furniture made of light materials with the addition of glass and metal. Provence style - soft colors and a lot of plants. Open Window - is a card of a kitchen in Provence style. Additional decorations when you make a kitchen design in the style of Provence is encouraged. Art Deco - it's quite an expensive style, as here used expensive modern materials, semi-precious stones, marble, ivory, crocodile and snake skins, animal skins. Kitchen in the style of art deco abounds with patterns and details of the valuable metal, artificial stone, expensive materials: window sills, sinks, countertops, bar tops. Items of these materials are durable enough, so much importance is given to functionality. In the art-deco style uses very saturated colors: gold, purple, red and blue, white. The main features of Art Deco - Luxury and functionality.

Modern kitchen design

Modern differs by laconicism of forms and details, an absence of superfluous elements kitchen draw. This is a quite practical style for a kitchen design. Appliances are usually built-in. The color scheme can be very diverse, but within the interior better not to use more than three colors and observe the rules of harmony between them. Much attention in the interior design is paid to lighting: used spotlights, embedded lights. The lighting can not only model the shape of the space but also to change the color scheme of the interior.

Kitchen interior in the minimalism style

Minimalism is characterized by a complete lack of decoration, the maximum purity, and clarity of lines, regular geometric forms, monochrome (monotone) colors. Great importance is given to lighting, as in the interior it is important to create the illusion the infinity of space. The surfaces should be shiny, smooth. Furniture - as a functional addition to household appliances. Durability, straight lines, functionality - the main features of the style.



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