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In each room is required balance of general, local and decorative lighting.

Comfort in the hallway assuming a lack of dark corners and localized illumination of all functional areas (light in the cabinets, sconces above the console table, paintings backlighting). Spectacular a niche backlighting can become beautiful decorative elements. In the living room is especially important general illumination, but each functional area should have its own local light that is easy to turn on by the switch located next to. The more diverse the lighting in the living room, the more impressive it looks, and provides maximum comfort for both big company as well as to communicate face-to-face. Any decorative lighting is appropriate, it is only important not to be mistaken with the style.

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Dining room less demanding to the general lighting but is should be paying attention to the lighting of the dining table and spectacular lighting of display cases with beautiful dishes. In addition, inside glass cabinets must be located built-in lamps.

The bedroom is especially important soft enveloping light, the most comfortable for rest. Here, the balance of light and shade allows you to play with semitones. Bright light is required, as a rule, only in the places of storage of clothes and bed linen. Local lighting is more diverse: above the dressing table, around the bed, next to a favorite chair, over bookshelves. Especially original in the bedroom looks lower lighting - floor lamp with a closed lampshade or decorative lighting of the perimeter of the bed. One of the favorite ways of a decorative lighting system is considered "starry sky".

Children's room - is a special world, it is important not so much to impress but to please master of the room. Especially important here functional lighting - the general and for individual zones (sleep, play and learning). As for the "scenery", then, as a rule, with this role is best cope the original fixtures of amusing forms , from which your kid happy.

Working cabinet, on the one hand, this is a place to work, on the other - for rest. It is therefore at least two separate areas should be illuminated independently. Preferably, when any local source of the light switch on , remaining space plunged in the twilight . Thanks to this technique are easy to concentrate on the job or, alternatively, on vacation. The special charm of a respectable office gives the opportunity to turn on lighting only of large decorative elements - an aquarium or fireplace.

For wardrobe required very good evenly general illumination. Therefore, any number of fixtures on the ceiling, which you will find comfortable, would be appropriate. The influx of natural light from the windows also is important. If in the dressing room is a dressing table, you should consider its local illumination. Some manufacturers of cabinets and wardrobes give an additional set of lighting of each section. If your wardrobe consists mostly of clothing in neutral shades and tones, it is not necessary to give up additional lighting.

For daily routine in the kitchen especially important local lighting cabinets and work surface countertops. Here it is especially important to consider the placement of fixtures so that they do not form sharp shadows. If in the kitchen is located bar counter, it will require, as a minimum, directional lighting with adjustable height cord, or better even decorative, for example, on the perimeter or below.

For bathroom is usually least of all requirements of functional lighting, enough to fixtures be placed at a safe distance from the water. Main focus area - the light in the area of the mirror, it should be bright enough, but not blinding. As for decorative lighting, it is in the bathroom is possible to come up with a completely exclusive version, which you will not find anywhere else. The backlight of the second level stretch ceiling over the tub, a lower part of the hot tub, lighting fixtures in a shower cabin. Something has provided by plumbing manufacturers, and other elements are possible to think through together with the designer. There are even portable devices that can not only change the color of light and also imitating sounds of the forest, waterfall, and rain. Generally, chromotherapy - changing the color of light - is a source of unforgettable emotions.


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