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Interior design South Africa from Luxury Antonovich Design is a way to show  a level of wealth and social status. For someone , the creation of the interior design is a way to give the look of the house in accordance with his worldview, his character, habits and inner world.And someone has a desire to keep pace with the times, and it requires the creation of a modern comfortable environment.
But regardless of the reason that prompted you to apply to the interior design studio, the final result should be not just a picture, which you can show off to others, but first of all, a place where you will be happy and live comfortably.

Interior design South Africa of Luxury Antonovich Design

Such a result you will get by contacting Luxury Antonovich Design - interior design studio led by Catherine Antonovich. The interior design of your home will not only please the eye, but also to fully meet your needs, and it means  that live in this apartment will be extremely comfortable.
Our Studio has been designing interiors since 2001, and during that time our team has become a highly professional team of architects and designers, for which nothing is impossible, and  could  find the best way embody all your dreams in life.

We will create the interior design of your home in any style, from an ageless classics and to fashionable minimalism.

  • Interior design in classic style with motifs of Italian Renaissance- interior based on the modern, where as a result of combining classical forms with herbal elements possible to get single and organic space;
  • Interior design South Africa in the style of modern classics 
  • Whatever style you prefer, whatever the wishes you express , a design of interiors Luxury Antonovich Design will always perfectly suit your taste, character, and way of life.

Ideal Interior design South Africa is not only the embodiment of an original idea; first of all is a space, thoroughly thought-out in terms of functional, and the most convenient and comfortable for life. During the development of Interior design South Africa, we consider many different aspects: the stylistic preferences of our clients, colors, quality materials, as well as many other factors. And no less important for us is the question of competent, fully justified space planning in functional terms.

Our architects and designers create works of interior art when the result of the work becomes perfection.

Our main postulates are the style, quality, tradition, and innovation. In all  our works can be traced distinctive style combining traditional forms and bold decisions. We will create for you Interior design South Africa, which will be individual and unique so that you can be absolutely sure: another such, even slightly similar, no one else has. We are engaged in the creation of interiors since 1998, and during the entire period of work , our architects and designers have developed and realized a huge number of design projects. Watch our completed projects, and you will see that we making projects of all styles and trends - from the classic to the interior is now so popular fusion style.

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