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If you decide to make your surrounding reality more colorful, positive and inspiring - welcome to construction companies in Oman the Luxury Antonovich Design. Here are born the most daring and interior design creative ideas, and then implemented by talented artists, designers, and architects.  We create unique, a custom interior,  in our city you will not find anywhere else. Secondly, we offer complete solutions - even if the only ordered. Design Studio offers to implement the boldest and original solutions in the design of the interior and exterior of your apartment, landscape design, home design or kitchen design.We create design projects of residential and office premises, the interior of hotels. With our help, you can bring originality and comfort in your home. Do not be afraid of experiments and new trends in interior design. Our Design Studio has an impressive experience in successfully designing and implementing projects to life.With us, you are guaranteed to get a good result the nice price.
Luxury Antonovich Design Company united into a team true professionals and fans of the business. Construction companies in Oman - the Luxury Antonovich Design with sincere joy and inspiration will help you build a new house or renovate the family nest, equip living rooms or stylishly arrange office space. We are ready to accompany you on all the way of positive changes by taking responsibility for all the trouble and organizational issues.

Order Interior design at the Oman construction company Luxury Antonovich Design - is a guarantee of comfort, practicality and functionality of the space around you.

Each individual project has the highest priority in our activities. We do not welcome the unification and not adhere to the standard solutions in the performance of work. Our specialists create and successfully implement outstanding ideas on the arrangement of private modern house and country cottages, city apartments, offices, bars, restaurants, boutiques, SPA-salons and sports clubs.  The design of any room - it is quite expensive, long and laborious process. We constantly strive to ensure that we using the most rational solution to minimize the timing of the dream houseand its total budget. Only after agreement with the customer, we plan to begin work execution.

We understand that house plans is a big responsibility.

  • After all, customer's comfortable life depends on how we understand and be able to implement his ideas and desires.
  • We are not just doing good drawings and sketches, we give people emotions.
  • We make repairs as an interesting process
  • Our customers do not ask themselves where and what to buy, they get the specifications and commercial proposals of the corresponding budget and the design project.
  • We solve all customer problems: supervision, logistics, import and delivery furniture and materials.
  • Customers receive a weekly photo report and are always aware of what is happening on the construction site.

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