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Bureau of design and architecture of Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Antonovich Design was created in 2012 with the participation of architects, who have worked in large project firms with extensive experience in design and construction, in the implementation of private orders for the design of country houses, the development of the interiors of apartments, country offices, shops, and restaurants.

Using a rich experience in the design and implementation of various facilities, staff Luxury Antonovich architectural companies in Kenya can provide you with a full range of information - marketing, consulting, design and engineering services required for the project, to provide the necessary assistance from the date of acquisition of real estate and up to the moment of commissioning of the object.

Interior design companies in Kenya

Our main specialization - development of the house designs in Kenya, interior design of apartments, the interior design projects of offices and public premises. We create comfort and beauty in your room! The qualitatively designed interior of a country house, apartment or office, first and foremost will bring you joy every day. Secondly, as a result of our work you will get the best level of comfort, that you need. In the third place, developed by experts the interior - is a measure of respectability premises, which is important when it comes to for example about design of the office interior.
Interior, designed at the Katrina Antonovich construction companies in Kenya evokes emotions! We thinking through all the details, pay attention to the things of which you haven't even had time to think. Our specialists are always informed of developments, we are always visiting the interior design exhibitions and production of materials, furniture and plumbing equipment. We get advice and attending master classes directly in factories in Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland and other countries. About the most interesting exhibitions and the companies, we talk to our future and current clients.

How we work

The basic principle of our work - the absence of repeats and individual approach to each project. In each project of the interior designers in Kenya, we strive not only to realize their ideas but also to create a unique environment that meets the taste of the customer, his personality, his views and plans for the future. The successful and original interior design project can be born only in close cooperation with the client.
One of the most important activities of Katrina Antonovich Bureau - Luxury Antonovich Design, we consider ensuring the implementation of our projects - the embodiment them into reality. Therefore, when performing the design work, we strive to provide maximum information to the customer support, using all the knowledge base. interior design Nairobi perform on the stage of designing we give consultations of experts on technology, engineering equipment, building materials, furniture, home decoration and any other issues that arise from the customer. When developing project documentation, our main objective is to give maximum clarity for the customer volume-dimensional arrangement, interior design solutions, house plans, materials and technologies used for this purpose, we use the most effective visualization tools.


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