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The creation of such projects - it is always a process of cooperation of many experts - designers, best architects, engineers, and craftsmen.

Really good interior design architecture is like a suit made custom made according to twenty individual measurements. It can not be bought in a store. And that's what interior architect Dubai do every day. Our workshop - this is our creative laboratory, where ideas are born, creates sketches and drafts, where wishes of the customer gaining a concrete form.When designing, architects in uae proceed from the fact that the qualitative realization of the idea for you is as important as its development. The idea, which it is impossible to implement, worth nothing. Therefore, offering any design solutions, we know how they can be implemented. The result of this work is relevant, viable project, commensurate with the possibilities of the customer and qualitative implementation of it.

No two projects are the same. Each project is unique on targets, deadlines, and material resources. We help to find the optimal ratio of all these items, take into account all the costs of renovation and construction, and to prioritize correctly. The advantage of this method of implementation of the interior design, the budget formed at the design stage. In our experience, this approach guarantees a result that will best meet your expectations.

Evaluation of technical condition before purchasing or carrying out major repairs. Architectural design. Best architects in Dubai. Interior Decorating. Project management. Technical support. Design supervision. Supply of lamps, decoration items, and finishing materials.

We design any buildings - from the cottage to the multi-functional shopping center, and in all styles - from classical and modern to minimalist and high-tech. But if the existing styles do not fully meet the requirements and aesthetic preferences of our demanding customers, we create a new exclusive style for him, corresponding to the most refined taste. In order to your interior design was cozy and comfortable, or fashionable and modern, we are closely following the latest developments in the field of architecture and design, without skipping exhibitions in Italy and other European countries. Assuming that any living space is a kind of living organism with its own laws of growth, we aim to ensure that the cooperation with every client turned into a lasting friendship - this will enable us to bring into your interior additions, caused by a change in family composition or other factors.

All projects architects UAE are carefully thought out and contain detailed recommendations for each stage of the work - from site selection to completing the finished interior by furniture and accessories. The issued by us project documentation so thoroughly, that from the builders, who will implement architecture design Dubai design projects, only requires a precise and strictly following our instructions. And since only the continuity of the chain of Interior design and architecture allows to minimize the time and cost, Luxury Antonovich Design architecture studio Dubai is always at your service. After all, we strive to give you "all at once" and eventually not just carry out your order - we create a comfortable and stylish residential or business space in accordance with your wishes, our experience and the latest achievements of world design.

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