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Moroccan style is common in many countries and is the exotic trend in interior design that blends European and North African traditions. This style appeared quite a long time ago.On the formation of this style been influenced many cultures, but the most significant contribution to the formation of the Moroccan style had French and Spanish architects and designers. Through the influence of cultures of these countries, and arose such a thing as the Moroccan style.

Moroccan style design of Katrina Antonovich is the very best, bright and luxurious.

Conventionally, the Moroccan style can be divided into two main areas: the Spanish-Moorish and Andalusian and Berber.The name, this style got from the country Morocco, which is famous for its originality and uniqueness. This country is unique not only for its climate and cultural heritage. Moroccan style is as versatile as the country itself so that the country can be called a paradise for designers. The design of the interior in the Moroccan style can be naive and sophisticated, what will be important for the luxurious mansion and simple housing. The main condition for the creation of the interior in the Moroccan style is your wildest fantasies with improvisation that you can realize using all possibilities of materials.

The Moroccan style is a bold mix of colors and textures of materials.

In modern Moroccan interior perfectly coexist complex patterns of indigenous peoples, nomadic style, bordering on rudeness, and European decoration materials and furniture. This combination creates a unique flavor and gives a special charm of the interior in the Moorish style. Also, this style is distinguished by its color scheme, which combines warm tones of beige and sand, white and blue, which can border on ultramarine and emerald green, and the focus can be placed on red. The main thing is to create a play of color, which should act excitingly that will give the interior impulsivity, which is typical for this country.  In order to design the interior in the Moroccan style, you need to know how properly use decorative elements that are unique to this style. The first thing to take into consideration - the floor in the traditional Moroccan style is laid mosaic.Mosaics used to not only the floor decoration but used for the decoration of stairs, countertops, fireplaces, and even the walls. Image, which is made of mosaic, should resemble a six-pointed star, or to portray a variety of flowers. Topical is to cover the floor of the Moroccan-style living room or bedroom with a beautiful carpet in an Arabian style.
The walls are usually covered by Moroccan plaster, which is always different by warm colors. The texture of the plaster is such that the walls take the form of marble. Ceilings are always quite high and almost always simple plastered, but sometimes for its decoration wood panels can be used.The junction of the ceiling and walls always decorated by carved frieze.  In order to add ethnic elements to the interior, the ceiling can be laid by branches or twigs of eucalyptus or oleander. All this can be covered with plaster, but more often remains in this exotic form.
Moroccan style interior distinguishes a wide variety of niches, which are used for the installation of books, prints, lamps and other decoration items. In most cases, niches have arched or lancet form, but may also be rectangular. For the decoration of niches, you can use forged lattice, which will create a dead window. Door and window openings are also have arched and pointed form can be decorated with stained glass and carvings.  In the Moroccan interior of special importance textiles and accessories.Quite popular and liked carved or hand-painted furniture.To make the interior more picturesque, used various figures and figurines inlaid with nickel silver, glass or leather. Textile occupies fundamental importance in the  Moroccan style interior, so it abounds in great numbers, in the form of embroidered pillows, laminated curtains, and carpets, of course, that will give a coziness and quietness  The interior which is decorated in the Moroccan style creates a special life-giving atmosphere that is perfect to help you recover both moral and physical strength.This style fills the home with a unique atmosphere that is inherent to many generations of people,  the culture of whom it reflects.

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Moroccan style design of Katrina Antonovich

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