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House exterior design of houses is one of the most important and inalienable factors in the design of the building. Facade - the face of your home and the  first impression of your home, depends just on it.House may change transform beyond recognition if competently approach the issue of   its decoration. One has only to change the style and facing of the building and it  will be transformed , because every detail is very important. We can help  design your home nice and  properly, implement all the ideas.
Exterior house design - is a joint work  the client and architect who will help create the desired style and make the right choice. Luxury Antonovich Design Company can provide services for exterior house design in Abu Dhabi at the highest world level. We also provide other types of services for designing and decoration: hotels, public buildings and interiors and more.

Exterior design

Beneath the term facade of the house always mean outer vertical part of the house. From the other walls of the facade of the house is distinguished by its size, shape, position, relief and so on. Cornice, pillar or niche can often serve as the relief of the facade. Such elements as the  columns can  not only decorate the exterior house design but at the same time could  create the impression of expressiveness of the building. In addition, to emphasizing exterior house design, you can use all sorts of  protrusions architectural elements . They can be as niche windows, stairs, painting, sculpture or ornament.
We can say that exterior - it is primarily a business card at home. Therefore, exterior house design is one of the main component parts of the villa project. With it, you can set the style and character of the entire building, which not only affects the first opinion of visitors but also displays the status and taste of the owner.

House exterior design

Our studio Luxury Antonovich Design is ready  easily implement all customer requirements by developing an individual design of the facade of houses, which will be a highlight of exterior design. Thus is initially determined  the style and the method by which will be held the house trim.

Exterior house design

With our company, you can not only get the original and unique   project facade of the but also make it a reality.We offer a full range of all the wide variety of work on the facade decoration, which is carried out quickly, efficiently and professionally.
Experts  Luxury Antonovich Design design studio can implement house exterior design of diverse complexity. During its development, we first take into account the demands and wishes of the house owners. Therefore, depending on the style will be used a variety of materials and components for the exterior.
Architects must not only determine the basic direction of house exterior design but precisely follow the basic architectural and construction concepts and norms.The use of different architectural styles and colors can drastically change identical houses. There are various facades styles of cottages, when certain style chosen by the customer, design development begins.

House exterior design Luxury Antonovich Design consists of the following steps:

  • Performing measurements on site.
  • Determination of the desired style and facade type. A preliminary calculation of the cost of implementation of the facade decoration (work and materials).
  • Development of several variants of the façade in 3D.
  • Customer approval of one of the options.
  • Finalization of the option selected and issuing the finished drawings.
  • Calculating the cost of the work.
  • The façade turnkey.

exterior design

house exterior design

exterior house design

exterior design

house exterior design

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