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Exterior house design Abu Dhabi of Luxury Antonovich Design is characterized by a variety of styles. Modern style a long time ago earned a place of honor in the architecture. Houses in the style of hi-tech attract by advanced technologies, simple design solutions, new look.

Exterior house design

Art Deco architecture - the embodiment of refined luxury, while houses in the style of minimalism, on the contrary, deny the "unnecessary", "extra" decor.

The style of the facade created by a harmonious combination of colors, lines, decorative materials. Create a building facade decor in a certain style - not to simply select the appropriate elements of facade decoration, following the known samples. To create a memorable, unique facade of the layout design you need to understand the desired style, to "guess" the manner, choose the color scheme, choose the lighting, to come up with a unique "flavor" of exterior design.

Modern style in house front design

The modern style facades differ by smooth "flowing" lines, complex ornamentation, intricate design solutions. Facades in modern style are able to convey the dynamics and the harmony of the surrounding area, especially to reveal the texture of the material.

Distinctive features of modernist style in architecture:

  • sleek stylish lines;
  • lack of clear geometric forms;
  • original, memorable decor;
  • bizarre designs.
  • modern in landscape architecture

Luxury of Art Deco in Architecture

In close relationship with the modernist style - Art Deco. In it, solid form intertwined with finesse finishing. Art Deco - it's expressive "language" of shapes and lines, it is emphasized geometric minimalism, the strict vertical lines, combined with streamlined round shapes. Windows are simple rectangular or arched stained-glass, doors - with pediments and pilasters. Simple geometric shapes combined with refined decor and luxury of expensive materials - this gives to the style of "lightness", elegance.

Art Deco in Architecture is characterized by:

  • monumentality, simplicity;
  • rounded, curved outlines;
  • arches and spires;
  • stepwise silhouettes;
  • zigzag ornaments.
  • In colors architectural drawings in the Art Deco, - contrast method is common. Delicate pastel colors are combined in this style with rich and vivid colors.

Facades of houses in the style of hi-tech

Hi-tech - this is, first of all, modern materials and technologies: glass, metal, chrome, glass or ceramic tiles. Focus on concise constructions, muted colors made in the facades of this style.

Features of houses in high-tech style:

  • an abundance of metal, iron-concrete structures;
  • large windows of dome form;
  • clarity, straightforwardness;
  • asymmetry of some parts relative to the center;
  • the combination of materials with different textures.

Houses in the style of minimalism

Houses in the style of minimalism differ from other the almost complete lack of decor and details not bearing the functional load. A special role is given to the windows: high, unusually large - they are designed to pass a lot of light. They should be highlighted using moldings, window frames. The composition of the house in the style of minimalism is clear,understandable, accurate. The house drawing of this style are monochromic, the main tool of decor - is lighting.

Features of facades houses in the style of minimalism:

  • smooth walls;
  • large windows building plans;
  • asceticism in the selection of building design;
  • modest color palette.

Each style is good in its own way. Modern architecture suits to the romantic soul, creative people. Houses are decorated in high-tech style build by enthusiastic pragmatists who appreciate available space. Houses in a minimalist style, like Art Deco, too, have their fans. The main thing - do not lose individuality of the build a house decoration. A slight deviation from the rules, a bright accent, a bold detail, will make even a modest home unique.

Exterior house design


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