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Magnificent and gorgeous interior Majlis in Saudi Arabia combines the best traditions of classical style with Baroque elements, as well as notes of oriental style. Classic majlis design in Saudi Arabia from Luxury Antonovich design studio is the embodiment of the best ideas in accordance with the cultural traditions of the East. Each of our customers wants to express their high status, exceptional kindness, and hospitality. Interior Majlis became a luxurious and beautiful picture, which reflects the best that have given us different times and new trends in luxury interior.

Classic majlis design in Saudi Arabia consists of the following stages:

  • Wall Design
  • Ceiling Design
  • Flooring Design
  • Luxury furniture

Wall Design

Wall Decor looks very respectable and dignified. Gilding and gentle range of pastel colors  visually expanding the interior space and fill it with solemn and festive mood. Boiserie  filled with plaster of texture of silk. The most luxurious element in the decoration of the walls became the stucco with gilding. The center of each composition decorated with classic lamps as candlesticks. Against the background of these fine details, elegantly juicy look have classic curtains with hard lambrequins.

Ceiling Design

Design ceiling continues to noble motives of elegant wall decor. There is also present a refined stucco with gilding. The deep niche framed by a line of soft backlighting. The center of the ceiling with  the magnificent chandelier in classic style, surrounded by lush curls of stucco . To enhance the glow of luxury, interior designers complemented the illumination of the Majlis with additional ceiling lights.

Flooring Design

The floors are made of natural marble perform both an aesthetic and practical function. In this room, there are always present the guests and family members. Therefore, marble floors will always have an elegant and fresh look. To continue with elegant and festive decoration of the interior Majlis, the floor was decorated with swirls of author carvings of marble of different kinds. These curls in perfect harmony with the motives of the stucco decoration and carved inlays on furniture items.

Luxury furniture

Furniture in the interior of the Majlis in Saudi Arabia plays a role of the main decorations and the main source of comfort. Upholstered sofas of a noble velvet emerald green hue in  perfect harmony with luxurious curtains. Lush green velvet is fringed with carved decor handmade, which is covered with gold leaf. This luxury and beauty in the highest perfection. Part of comfort became refined coffee tables with soft lighting.

Classic majlis design in Saudi Arabia from Luxury Antonovich design studio is the only unique luxury solutions for the most respectable villas of this beautiful country.

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