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Modern Living room decoration is very important for the overall interior design, as is the central room of the house, where all family members and guests are gathering, held family celebrations and parties. Best living room interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design is the creation of beauty, which is not subject to time and space. As Coco Chanel said, "Fashion passes, but style remains." So designer Katrina Antonovich  pays attention namely to style design house.

Katrina Antonovich created interior

Interior living room - it is equipping of the most visited and important room. For spacious living room is suitable the design with an arrangement of upholstered furniture in the center of the room around the coffee table. This is modern, helps to communicate and does not leave the impression of angularity of furniture. Usually, the sofa design is chosen with rounded edges or made as an arc, a semicircle. Professionals will select a convenient and stylish living room design, photos demonstrate it.

A huge role playing accessories and decor items. This helps to the artistic expression of the interior. Design elements and accessories for the living room interior complementing are:

  • lighting (chandeliers, lamps, sconces, floor lamps, LED lanterns, fluorescent lights, etc.).;
  • soft items (poufs, pillows, stools for feet, frameless furniture, armchairs, etc.);
  • paintings (pictures of  owners, digital panels with changing images, drawings by children and oil artworks of famous artists);
  • aquariums and fountains cascades.

Beautifying the interior of the living room  curtains with lambrequins and massive drapery (classical design) or asymmetric shapes with unusual pattern (for high-tech style).

Best living room interior design

Modern fashion is so democratic, that allows you to combine the most daring and extravagant accessories, mix directions, thus creating  completely new styles and new forms. Eclecticism - is freedom in combination ethnic and classic styles, urbanism and rustic styles etc.  It successfully combines in the same room elements of classic, art deco, and oriental style. They complement each other and counterbalance the interior decoration of the living room.  Interior design living room, whether it be an apartment or private home, should always surprise guests and delight their owners on a daily basis. In the interior of our implemented projects, always in the living room, there is a highlight, a decor element, or even the whole composition, which ties itself to the overall style and look of the living room on the photo in  website portfolio.

Best living room interior design from Luxury Antonovich Design.

Living room in a modern style, ideal for the modern urban life, the interior is not overloaded with details and decors. In such design, you can relax and enjoy of home comfort and warmth.  Living room - it the "face" of any home and its main "business card". Guests can forget that was cooked , what music was, what was a conversation, but  the interior decoration living room, they will remember forever. That is why the design of this room is to be designed to trifles, to leave in the minds and hearts of the people exactly the impression that owners want to make. Typically, a living room interior is made in such a manner that emphasize the individuality of the owners, but it should not stand out from the common house project.
A special place in the interior design living room is given to a color palette, which will create a "mood" in the room and determine its stylistic concept.Today on the photo of living rooms designs can be seen a variety of shades of colors, ranging from the traditional pastel colors and ending with black and white graphics, or "palace" purple-violet colors. Yet, designers tend to think do not need too "overload" the room with hues. It is better to stay at some two-three basic neutral colors, adding to them bright, vivid accents.
Of great importance in the interior light plays, so all the projects presented at website gallery, took into consideration the location of the window openings.The fact that the same design in daylight and artificial light can look completely different, even change its color shade.  The large living room will need to install multiple light sources - this rule is repeated in all design projects. As the main source of lighting usually serves one or two ceiling lamps, which become excellent interior decor items, and as an additional point light sources  could serve built-in lights on the perimeter of the ceiling,sconces  on the wall , floor lamps or table lamps. The living room should be well illuminated, but at the same time, it is necessary that the light does not interfere with those people who do not like bright light, and this effect can be achieved only by using  several light fixtures , which not depend on each other.

In our projects, we use elite and beautiful items of furniture from the best manufacturers. A further advantage for our customers is the supply of furniture to an object directly from the manufacturer's factory.

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