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The master bedroom design in the villa project is a harmonious continuation of the noble and elegant interior. A modern classics in the works by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is a fine combination of luxury, old traditions, and new unique ideas.

luxury Antonovich Design

In this article, we want to introduce a new master bedroom design, which inspires by its perfection. Here, everything is perfect, elegant and cozy. The quite spacious master bedroom is not overloaded by a superfluous decor.

Every detail is important as well every nuance and every decoration material.

Entrance to the bedroom designated concise doors made of wood. Total has a restrained palette of nature. These motifs pick up pieces of furniture, chests of drawers, bedside tables and coffee tables.

luxury Antonovich Design

Natural wood floor complemented by soft natural carpet. The decor of the walls reflected the nobility classics with a touch of aristocracy. On a pleasant background of muted gray color looks perfect solid wood panels, and original murals, which have become a highlight of this interior and stressed the great taste of home owners.

luxury Antonovich Design

The perfect harmony of the interior is based on the fine combination of decor elements, textures, materials and, colors. The bed decoration is very similar to the windows decoration. Curtains made of noble silk with printed motifs framed tulle with embroidery. The decoration of the ceiling bright accents become elegant chandeliers with shades beige color. A line of soft lighting on the ceiling has become an excellent way to underline the artistic expressiveness of the interior.

luxury Antonovich Design

The interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio have created a wonderful mix of sensuality and generosity with a touch of aristocracy. The charm of the interior fills with wonderful emotions, a sense of elitism and a wonderful holiday.

This is a luxury that is expressed in elegant silhouettes, noble colors and a fine style of modern classics.



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