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Luxury Antonovich Design - one of the leading companies in the creation of the professional interior design. Projects created by studio demonstrate the best features of creativity, talent, and skills. Luxury Antonovich Design construction companies in Uganda team able to create a modern design, surpassing the expectations of our customers, to carry out supervision of construction teams, approve budgets, to involve extremely talented and experienced teams to collaborate on projects. The process of creating the home designer, and the company's management system, divides each project at key stages, where each stage is much more detailed than the previous: the conceptual stage; development of the concept and 3D visualization of the project; detailed design. The first step in any project is its summary. Identifies the key problems, and search images, that inspire to determine the tastes and wishes of clients. At this stage, we take into account the technological, structural and design preferences, and at the final stage of this phase, the budget approved. The objectives of the second phase are the transfer of the space mood and coordination the palette of finishing materials. Ideas are detailed modeled and visualized in 3D, a result of which the customer can see your project and approve the finishing materials. At the stage of detailed room interior design, all the ideas are developed and improved, finalized and are accompanied by detailed sketches, drawings and specifications.

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is engaged in architectural design and construction of the interior design projects in Uganda.

Professional interior designer offer a full range of interior design major and project support during construction. From sketches to working drawings and project implementation. Each of our projects is the result of personal interaction with the customer and the given circumstances. An atypical approach to the design allows the best way to realize your wishes. Our experience allows us to offer the customer a high level of interior design and architecture, as a typical, standard facilities and single unique interiors with custom designs and decorations. We design individual houses, the interiors of apartments, we are engaged in designing office buildings, shops, restaurants, and cafes, performing reconstruction projects of public and sports facilities. The work begins with the design assignment, identifies and clarifies the customer's wishes relatively to all territory, a number of floors, size, quantity, and purpose of premises, requirements for the design of facades, as well as the customer preferences in selecting of stylistics interiors.

Then developed a spatial concept, which gives an idea of the development of the main architectural and planning ideas. The floor plans take into account the needs of the customer, provide the necessary functional areas, organize mutual arrangement of premises for optimal functionality and comfort. Sketches of the main premises allow you to see a principled approach to the interiors solutions. The next step - the creation of 3D images that illustrate the developed concept and the formation of technical specifications for the detailed design. Our work on the construction site does not end after commissioning of the object. Working with builders and suppliers, we aim to achieve full compliance between the designed and building plans. Thus, essential in our work - to realize the artistic potential of the simple things, turning them into original architectural solutions and create a beautiful, comfortable daily life, in which will be easy and pleasant live our customers.

Main activities:

  • architectural design
  • home design
  • exterior design (facades, entrances, etc.).
  • home interiors and decoration
  • landscaping

The interior design of representative office, apartment building, the exhibition center or any other commercial premises, tells us first about the nature of personality, tastes of the owner, and the functional purpose of the premises. The main goal of architect interior designer studio to realize the most daring ideas of the customer in accordance with the architectural standards and modern trends in decoration.

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